Using Songwriting To Unlock Corporate Creativity

A workshop for business teams


The Workshop

  • In order to re-examine any concept, idea or issue, GRAMMY-recognized, #1 hit songwriter and author, Cliff Goldmacher, leads business teams through the process of writing a song.
  • Using instruction in metaphor, verse writing, chorus writing and, ultimately, performance, the workshop shows participants how to employ storytelling and emotion-rich language in service of a profound re-imagining of their chosen subject matter.
  • The workshop is designed to develop and enhance the participants’ innovative skillset including lateral thinking, communication, creativity, empathy, collaboration and even psychologically safe risk-taking.
  • The online workshop option has the added benefit of giving everyone a “front-row” seat to the songwriting process as attendees participate via chat in the brainstorming of metaphor ideas, verse and chorus lyrics and even the genre of the finished song.
  • At the workshop’s high point, Cliff adds a melody and music to the completed lyric on the spot and has all the participants sing their new song which, without exception, makes the workshop and its subject matter unforgettable.


  • Unproductive workers cost American businesses $550 billion a year in lost profits. At the same time, Harvard Business Review has identified reduced creativity within America's corporate employees as a major factor in reduced profitability.
  • Neuroscientist and best-selling author, Daniel J. Levitin, Ph.D, says that songwriting unlocks creativity - and productivity - in the workplace by engaging multiple regions of the brain.
  • Songwriting combines the intellectual and emotional giving us access to release pathways so that boredom, frustration and stress can be relieved in a few short exercises.
  • The language of songwriting can help a team to clarify their goals and objectives by using metaphorical and inspirational language and music.
  • Learning to write songs promotes storytelling skills, improving communication of essential project messaging
  • Songwriting enhances collaboration leading to stronger team performance and decision-making
  • Learning to write songs develops lateral thinking and empathy providing new solutions to old issues

Additional Details

  • Each workshop is customized according to the client’s goals/message
  • The workshop lasts between 60-90 minutes
  • The workshop size can vary in size from as few as two participants to up over a hundred depending on the client's particular needs.

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