Innovation & Creativity Programs

Let Cliff help your organization improve their innovative skills & creative confidence.

Cliff's Clients Include

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Business Outcomes
(The Actual “Reasons” For The Rhymes)

as seen in Forbes
  • Improved innovation through risk-taking and vulnerability
  • Rekindled creativity through storytelling and flow
  • New problem-solving tools through lateral thinking and collaboration
  • Enhanced leadership through empathy and clarity
  • Refined strategy through boldness and specificity
  • Clear vision/branding through communication and brevity
  • Team unification through shared challenges and accomplishment
  • A survey of participants showed a staggering 51% increase in creative confidence after Cliff's program.

The What

  • A 60-90-minute program using songwriting to improve innovation skills & creativity.
  • Participants are guided through the process of writing the lyrics to a song using a metaphor examine a key client objective.
  • At the program's high point, Cliff adds music to the completed lyric on the spot which, without exception, makes the experience and its subject matter unforgettable.
  • The program size can vary in size from as few as two participants to hundreds depending on the client's particular needs.

The How

  • Cliff first breaks down the process of lyric-writing into easily understood and manageable pieces.
  • Cliff then shows the participants how to employ storytelling and emotion-rich language in service of a profound exploration of the concept.

The Why

  • Instead of approaching issues with the same, tired problem-solving approach, Cliff's helps organizations explore their issues in a unique way.
  • The program gives teams a genuine, emotional, musical (and fun) perspective on their chosen topic making the experience both enlightening and memorable.
  • The language of songwriting can help a team to clarify their goals and objectives by using metaphorical and inspirational language and music.

Customer Testimonials