Three Ways Creative Practices Inspire Innovation in Organizations

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Organizations pride themselves – and rightfully so – on their productivity. Getting more work done in less time is deeply satisfying and often the key to profitability. On top of that, productivity is significantly easier to measure than progress on innovation. All of this makes productivity the tantalizingly easy place to focus an organization’s attention. However, without consistent innovation in the face of a rapidly changing business environment, what’s productive today might not be productive tomorrow. As a result, it is essential to incorporate creative practices into an organization in order to make innovation possible. I’ve spent close to a decade doing just that. While I don’t get into the nuts and bolts of specific innovation projects, I do remind organizations that they are all capable of creativity on a deeply human level which inspires them to keep innovation front and center. Below are a few ways that incorporating creativity inspires organization-wide innovation.

  1. Creative practices translate to the culture

Innovation isn’t just about a select few individuals who have been tapped to create inside of an organizational but, rather, it’s about infusing the innovative spirit company-wide. When I lead organizations through the process of learning to write songs, I’m often working with everyone from the C-Suite down to the front line staff. In this way, no matter what an individual’s role in their particular organization, their ability to create is nurtured and placed front and center. This goes a long way towards reminding everyone that innovation is a part of a company’s DNA.

  1. Creative practices build creative confidence

A funny thing happens when a group of people engage in an activity that proves to them that they are creative. Their confidence in their own creativity increases dramatically. I’ve surveyed multiple songwriting programs across scores of participants both before and after and their creative confidence increased, on average, by a mind-blowing 51%. We’re all creative as children but the emphasis on productivity in the workplace allows our innate creativity to atrophy. However, simple and actionable creative exercises work wonders when it comes to reminding everyone in an organization that they’re truly capable of creativity. This confirmation and the resulting motivation in inspires, again, leads to an organization-wide focus on innovation. 

  1. Creative practices diminish the fear of failure

When I first began leading organizations through my innovation and creativity programs, I significantly underestimated the fear that people in the business world have of appearing foolish in front of their peers. As a lifelong creative, I assumed everyone understood that the good ideas are just on the other side of the failed attempts and bad ideas. Once this concept is understood via a creative practice, the fear of failure lessens significantly. Seeing failure as a part of the creative and innovative process allows organizations to move forward with less hesitation towards new ideas and innovations.


Creativity isn’t solely the domain of a chosen, gifted few. It is our birthright as human beings. Incorporating creative practices into an organization as I do via my songwriting programs or in countless other ways can – and will – inspire countless innovations. With this this kind of upside, why not take a chance and encourage creative practices inside of your entire organization?


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