Several Important Ways Innovation & Creativity Transform Organizations

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In the years that I’ve been using songwriting as lens through which organizations examine and improve their innovative and creative skills, I’m sometimes asked if there are specific innovations that my programs have produced. My consistent answer is that my work is about encouraging a culture of innovation and creative confidence more than it is about the nuts and bolts of specific innovations. While it’s easy to see the results of successful innovations in the shape of improved products, services and processes, I believe that there are powerful intrinsic benefits to cultures of innovation and creativity that go above and beyond the innovations themselves. I’ve listed a few of these benefits below.

1. Innovation and creativity boost morale

What I have witnessed again and again in my work with organizations is that once people are reconnected with their latent innovative and creative instincts, their morale improves significantly – and immediately. There’s a power in remembering that we all have something new and interesting to contribute. Once belief in our own creativity and ability to innovate is in place, morale follows as a natural result. It should come as no surprise then that I’ve observed a straight light between innovative cultures and workplace satisfaction.

2. Innovation and creativity improve productivity

A second superpower that cultures of innovation and creativity possess is that they’re observably more productive. It’s a relatively simple equation. Innovation and creativity add excitement and engagement to our work and from there it’s a natural progression to working harder and getting more done. When you’ve put something of yourself into the world, the motivation to further your cause is significant. Productivity for its own sake is often a dry and uninspired endeavor but productivity in service of original and creative effort is what gives our work meaning. 

3. Innovation and creativity are self-sustaining

Innovation and creativity can be enhanced not only by culture but also by the physical environment in which they take place. Organizations who prioritize their actual spaces to enhance innovation are, in essence, creating a virtuous circle. The more innovative and creative the space itself, the greater the likelihood that innovative and creative work will be done there. In this way, the culture and workspaces of organizations can reinforce and improve one another.


Looking at innovation and creativity solely as methods to create new products, services and processes discounts the greater benefit to organizations as a whole. When an organization embraces a mindset – and culture – of innovation, the advantages are significantly more powerful and pervasive. Instead of the benefits from a specific innovation created by an “innovation team,” the entire organization’s morale, productivity and even its physical environment improve. All this to say, it’s the big picture of incorporating innovation and creativity into an organization’s culture that is worthy of genuine consideration. 


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