Good Songs

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Good Songs…

A number of years ago a hit-songwriter friend of mine in Nashville was dating a woman who worked as an executive for a large bank. Early on in their relationship, she had asked him what he did for a living and he explained to her that he was a songwriter.

She seemed to take that in stride until it became clear that their relationship was getting serious and then things came to a head. To make a long story short, she was starting to doubt whether a “songwriter” could live as well as my friend did.

One evening after dinner at his spectacular log cabin in the woods outside of town, she said to him, “OK, what do you really do for a living.” Her fear – as she told me later – was that he must have been doing something illegal to be as financially successful as he was.

A man of few – but precise – words, my friend said, “I told you. I write songs.”

She replied, “But…” and then waved her hand around to encompass the sweep of his breathtakingly beautiful home.

“I write good songs,” he said.

Wishing you consistently strong innovations and good songs.


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