Four Reasons Why Organization Helps Your Creativity

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When it comes to successful creativity, there is very little room to indulge in stereotypical “artistic” behavior. The reality is that flighty, irresponsible and disorganized creative geniuses rarely have any significant success. Being organized in your creativity yields measurable benefits above and beyond the obvious ability to find a pair of matching socks. Below are a few important reasons why it’s worth your while to stay organized as you pursue your creative growth.

1. It’s good for business

I feel like I end up saying this a lot but if you’re hoping your creative efforts will translate into financial success, then you’re not just a creative, you’re a business person. The grim reality of businesses is that they don’t run themselves. Staying organized will only make your business (and your career) run more smoothly. Everything from being on time to appointments to keeping a current backup of your computer hard drive counts. To make it more personal, creative ideas are precious and losing them because you’re disorganized feels like an avoidable catastrophe.

2. Inspiration can accessed

The difference between having a creative idea on the rare occasion when all the planets line up versus accessing your creativity every day comes down to being organized. Keeping track of your inspired ideas in a way that allows you to go and find them, will allow you to more consistently create even if the magical inspiration isn’t on a predictable schedule.

3. You’ll avoid missing opportunities

Having an organized folder arrangement on your computer will enable you to find – and exploit – your creative ideas quickly and efficiently. On a personal note, my first big break as a songwriter almost didn’t happen because the artist was in the studio and couldn’t find the demo we’d sent them. Because I was able to quickly find and email an mp3 of the demo, the artist cut the song in the studio that afternoon. I can’t imagine how disappointing it would have been if I hadn’t been able to find the song until a day or two later when the opportunity had come and gone.

4. You’ll be more productive

So much of being effective in your creativity is about getting the maximum amount done in the limited time you have to do it. If you’re constantly rooting around your office or on your computer looking for where you placed your last creative project, you’re not making the kind of progress you could be. Staying organized can take you a long way towards being productive and, ultimately, successful.


It should be understood, of course, that there is no substitute for actively pursuing your creativity. Unfortunately, there are many, many people capable of great creative ideas. The way to differentiate yourself is to not only create but also keep yourself and your ideas organized in a way that will allow you to take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. By improving your odds of success, staying organized might be the deciding factor in your next successful creative idea.


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