Five Questions with Dushka Zapata

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In the next of “Five Questions” blog post, please welcome VP of Communications at Forte and Quora mastermind, Dushka Zapata.

1. What was your biggest concern/fear prior to the songwriting workshop?

Before the workshop began I worried if I could even write a song. During the workshop I felt supported by both Cliff and other participants so the experience was stress free and all fun.

2. Can you describe how it felt to write your song?

Writing a song felt like thinking more about how things feel, rather than how to solve or fix them. 

3. What was it like hearing the music added to your lyrics?

Hearing music added to the lyrics of the song we wrote felt like everything came to life. Maybe what I need is for someone to add music to everything I do throughout the day.

4. How did songwriting make you think differently about your particular topic?

Thinking about how something makes me feel, versus how to fix or solve it, felt like I was giving myself more room – it felt like a gift to myself.

5. What is one of the things from the workshop that you’d most like to share with someone else?

This workshop is lighter, less of an effort, more interesting and less scary than I anticipated. I encourage everyone to give it a shot.

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