Five Questions with Diana O’Brien

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In the next of “Five Questions” blog posts, it’s my distinct honor to introduce you to my friend, Diana O’Brien, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Deloitte.

1. What was your biggest concern/fear prior to the songwriting workshop?
My concern was twofold…

a. Would my entire team be embarrassed and see the activity as foolishness?

b. If my boss, our then CEO, knew we spent money on this, would he see it as non-value added?

2. Can you describe how it felt to write your song?
I felt empowered and more creative than I imagined; I think my team felt the same

3. What was it like hearing the music added to your lyrics?

4. How did songwriting make you think differently about your particular topic?
I don’t think we saw the issues we were wanting to address differently, rather we felt more emboldened to address them together.

5. What is one of the things from the workshop that you’d most like to share with someone else?
We all learn from new things, the songwriting workshop is a fun and interesting way to challenge yourself and your team to grow.  Music has universal appeal but, more importantly, the team activity is a beautiful method engaging both heart and mind which grows your organization’s capacity for innovation as a team.

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